Message due Diligence

Dear client,

After more than a year the war in Ukraine is unfortunately still ongoing, continuously impacting lives of thousands of people in the Ukraine specifically and in Europe in general.

In a reaction to the invasion of Ukraine, the European Union and the US have imposed a series of sanctions on Russia and Belarus, directly impacting the business of TS TRUCKS BV.
Consequentially, TS TRUCKS and you as a end-user or trader, are not allowed to directly or indirectly (via a third party) sell, supply, transfer or export any used trucks in Russia and/or Belarus.

Doing business with integrity also means adhering to European or US sanctions according to the Framework Agreement of the Sale and Purchase of Used Vehicle(s) (hereafter Framework Agreement) we have in place. Perhaps unnecessarily, we would like to remind you that as a European trader you are bound to adhere to the Framework Agreement and the European laws and regulations in this regard.

We are made aware of circumventing actions using intermediaries such as traders. In order to avoid that you will become part of a supply chain in the re(sale) of used trucks to Russia and Belarus, we would like to re-emphasize the obligation ex art 8.1 of the Framework Agreement.

Additionally, be also extra alert to transactions, customer questions, or proposals which could lead to violations of the sanctions and as such mitigate the risk that the used trucks are directly/indirectly provided to Russian or Belarusian parties.

Please note that any action taken by you to directly or indirectly sell and/or deliver (used) trucks to Russia/Belarus will be seen as a violation of the Framework Agreement and will have serious consequences from TS TRUCKS organization and/or directly from the authorities, including penalties or fines.

If you have any questions or want to raise alert regarding possible violation of the sanctions, please contact Teun or me.

Kind regards, Steven Roxs